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How to get free electronic parts for hobby electronic circuits and projects
componentes eletrônicos gratuitos componentes eletrônicos gratuitos
    Do you want to know how to get free electronic parts for hobby electronic circuits and projects? There are some companies of semiconductors (leds, semiconductors, integrated circuits, displays, and other components which are usually offer various small quantities of samples of their products so that we can sample in our projects.
The objective of some companies provide a limited number of components serves as a basis for some projects manufactured by hobbistas being displayed on the Internet and may in some way to contribute to the development of industries providing them some profits beds. Many of these circuits mounted and tested by hobbistas may becoming standard to another type of discoveries interesting.
For better information on some companies components free you can visit the link of this precious brazilian website: 
I Love Free Samples amostra grátis de componentes eletrónicos
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